About Live Edge Slabs Costa Rica

Welcome to Live Edge Slabs Costa Rica, Partner company of Premium Wood Slabs - Corporation Zhiish SA

Live Edge Slab wants to help you supply others with the best wood slabs on the market. Our enormous stock of exotic wood varies in shape and size. Our warehouses stock all one-of-a-kind live edge slabs live edge lumber, crosscuts, roots, and beams. About all our products are kiln dried to 8-12% moisture content, sanded to 120 grit, slabs, and crosscuts have the option of having an epoxy finish.

Our woodworking supply store cares about Costa Rica, which has rigorous environmental sustainability measures in place to protect its forest. Live Edge Slab Costa Rica takes care about the necessary permits, comply with all regulations and ensure your purchase is safe to export. Premium Wood Slabs is your direct connection to the wide variety of exotic wood that is sure to make a statement far superior to any piece of art.
You are always welcome to visit us in Costa Rica. We would love to know what you think about our warehouse and supply. We support any interest you may have to inspect wood in person before it is delivered. We only sell wholesale.

If you would like to see what is fresh out of the kiln or talk about your next steps with Live Edge Slab, contact us today.

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What people say about us

Steven Colson

Owner of Live Edge Slabs Costa Rica

Dedicated to making sure we produce the highest quality slabs and always staying one step ahead of the demand.

Alberto Álvarez

Social Media Manager

Keeps you up to date with what’s going on in our shop and provides you with custom images of your order and/or visit to start off your marketing campaign.


Account Executive

Very outgoing and enjoys giving live virtual tours of our shop. Give her a call at (727) 266-2327 or email to schedule your tour.

The Team

These are the guys known worldwide for being in the pictures with our slabs. These are the live edge lumbers in charge of taking a picture of each and every slab. They hand wash, measure and picture every slab that is in our inventory.

Resin Team

These guys work 24 hours 7 days a week making sure our resin is flawless and pouring ¼ inch every 4 hours. They mix 55 gallons of epoxy every day! Quality Control – This team is responsible for reviewing each slab before it gets packaged for any imperfections. They have the difficult task of making sure everything is securely packaged for when the container arrives it is easy and fast to load the container.

Sanding Team

These have the dusty task of sanding all Slabs, Crosscuts and Root. They start with a rough pass of 36 and sand upto 120grit. We use both hand sanders and also floor sanders to sand our slabs.